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Cubby House

Dhs. 7,250.00


Cubby houses are a great way for children to enjoy imaginative play and role play. For
example, a simple cubbyhouse can turn into all sorts of places – a shop, hospital,
school, castle, and much more. Also, making or building a simple cubbyhouse
encourages children to think creatively and solve problems.
Here are some key benefits:
1. It Builds a Healthy Body.
2. It Builds a Healthy Brain
3. It Teaches Emotional Intelligence and Boosts Self-Esteem
4. It Teaches Cooperation
5. It Stimulates Creativity.

Details of this playhouse:

Dimensions: House – L220xW150xH210 cm, terrace – L220xW100 cm, total area:
L220xW250x210 cm
Includes playhouse with 1 (split) barn door, 5 smaller windows with Plexiglas (all
windows can be opened and closed, fence, wooden floor, terrace, mailbox, chimney
Material: Solid pine wood
Finish: Available in a) Natural look (clear protective coating) or b) painted in 2 or 3
colors of your choice please see the drop-down menu for options and prices
Current lead time: 3 weeks
Where to place your playhouse: The playhouse needs to be placed on the dry, level
ground such as garden tiles, artificial grass, or sand. Please do not place the playhouse
directly on natural grass as extended moisture build-up will result in timber becoming
waterlogged, moldy and eventually will rot the timber and affect the paint finish.
Please adjust your watering/sprinkler system away from the playhouse. Tree
roots/plants or other objects in the intended location of the playhouse need to be
removed prior to our team arriving for the installation.
Delivery: If you live in a community where a permit is required to receive this delivery,
please ensure this permit is issued before the arrival of our delivery team. Free
playhouse delivery & assembly to Dubai, Sharjah, Ummal Quiwen, RAK. Abu Dhabi,
and Al Ain is not included for free delivery.
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