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Water Table for Kids


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Dimensions (H*W): 60*105

Finish: Natural Varnish 

Product Detail

Our hand-built water table for kids is an ideal piece of outdoor furniture to provide your kids freedom to play, create, and have fun with water, sand, stones, and more. 

Multiple Bowls

We offer three bowls in this water table for kids to make the enjoyment three folds. Your kids can share this workstation with their friends and create things with different ingredients.  

Sturdy Build

Our wooden water table has a solid build that can last for many years. It can withstand the weight of water, soil, and rocks. Table top height is 60cm, recommended for 4-8 years old kids. 

Neat Look

The natural wood with a varnish finish looks good to the eyes. 

We offer delivery across the UAE. You can choose the color without extra charge. For other designs/dimensions, please get in touch with us to discuss.


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